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Museums to Visit: Tate, 4 Galleries in England


Tate is a museum in London that is considered one of the most visited in the world. These museums have an impressive collection of British art from 1900 to 2014 and some international collections.

The actual director of the Tate Modern is Chris Dercon and is located in BanksideLondon. If you ever decide to visit London, check these impressive museums with several galleries to visit.

Sir Henry Tate is who inspired the creation of the first of four galleries that compose this museum. That’s right, four galleries to visit with so much history on it that you are not going to leave quick.

The four galleries are:

Tate Britain

Previously known as the National Gallery of British Art, was established in 1987. In 1932, the gallery changed its name to “Tate Gallery” and in 2000 was finally names “Tate Britain”. This one is located in MillbankLondon.

Tate Liverpool

It is the second established in 1988. This one is located in Albert DockLiverpoolEngland and the director Is Francesco Maraconda.

Tate St Ives

It is located in a small Cornish town on the southwest coast. This one was established in 1993 and the illumination characteristics make this museum a must visit place.

Tate Modern

It is the more recent. This one was established in 2000 and is a modern art gallery located in BanksideLondon.

Luis Velázquez Tate Modern

Tate Modern

A record at Tate Museum


Luis Velazquez

The artist Damien Hirst showed his works at Tate Modern and was the most popular solo exhibition in Tate history. This is part of the record that Tate had after a report revealed that almost eight million people visited the museum in 2012-2013, more than any other art museum in the world except for The Louvre.

Hirst is the most prominent member of the Young British Artist. His name started to sound in the 90’s. Death is a central theme in his works and he also made “spin paintings” created on a spinning circular surface and “spot paintings” which are rows and circles.

Damien Hirst says: “What I try and do is not take the nice things too seriously and then you can avoid the bad things”; very interesting thought.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-24161291

Luis Velazquez admires Damine Hirst´s works

Damien Hirst´s work

The art of Lichtenstein


Luis Velazquez

Lichtenstein was a leading figure in the new art movement, through his work brought everyday culture into the world of art. He imitated pop culture items like comic books. In 1960 started his prolific creative period, during those times, he created The Ring and Masterpiece, two of his most important pieces.

Some critics think that the work of Lichtenstein was influenced by his personal life. His marriage did not go well and maybe, he painted women the way he wanted them to be. His work can be impersonal and difficult to read, but his style is unique.

At Tate Modern, there is an exhibition called: “Lichtenstein: A Retrospective” which is going to last until May 27th. The exhibition is the first full-scale retrospective of the artist over twenty years, showing 125 pieces.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20130425-lichtenstein-comic-and-tragic

Luis Velazquez likes the piece "Girl with ball"

Girl with ball, Roy Lichtenstein

Matisse final works


Luis Velazquez

At Tate Modern next spring, visitors will have the opportunity to see the last period of Henri Matisse, the exhibition will have the large-scale cut-outs on colored paper, including his famous Blue Nudes, besides his Large Composition with Masks from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, Memory of Oceania from the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Tate’s own The Snail.

The exhibition contents 120 works that will be seen together for the first time. Matisse started to make cut-outs after an operation in his early 70s that left him in ill health and thinking that he would die soon. He discovered that this method of painting was different; he felt that it was something new that liberated him and gave him a second life.

They were extraordinary forward-looking works. This second opportunity made him to work two days before he died, he felt renovated, and his assistants felt he was fastidious and meticulous but full of enthusiasm.

Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2013/apr/19/tate-modern-henri-matisse-exhibition

Luis Velazquez likes Matisse painting

A Matisse