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Museum’s Social Opportunities


Museums all over the world and all kinds of museums no matter the topic it works have the opportunity of giving people some different ways to learn, it means that museums actually have a social compromise and they all should be conscious of it.

Poverty is one of the most relevant issues in which museums can help. According to the Museum Association (MA), museums in general can play such an important role in the eternal sight against this sad situation. One of the ways, according to the MA, is creating a responsibility through engagement with the disadvantaged people.

Museums Association expressed in a statement that: “Museums can serve as agents of inclusion, giving people a sense of belonging to communities and to wider society and therefore less marginalized – all factors that can help people to take steps out of poverty.”

Museum of Modern Art (in the United States), Louvre Museum (in Paris), Prado’s Museum (Madrid), the British Museum (England), the Cairo’s Museum (El Cairo) and a big etcetera of museums should know about this idea of helping others with all the knowledge it might be in there. It seems to be really important that all those museums all over the world could help in the way the Museums Association is saying to.