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Top 10 Art Galleries in Europe


New York is probably one of the cities with more Art Galleries and Art Museums in the US. Recognized museums in this city are part of a set of places where art lovers enjoy of big exhibitions from the world greatests artists. Metropolitan Museum of Art is well known a an art place with collection features Greek, Roman, African, ancient Egyptian and Byzantine galleries, as well as modern American art, and paintings and sculptures of the European masters.

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Your City, USA

Washington DC is reference city in the US with approximately more that 20 art galleries and museums in the DC Area. National Gallery of Art, established in 1937 in National Mall, have an important collection of the primary art representations like Paul Mellon, Ailsa Mellon Bruce or Lessing J. Rosenwald. Paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, medals, are part of the main collection of this Art Museum.

Los Angeles (California), Chicago (Illinois) and Boston (Massachusetts) can be named in the list of the most important Art Museums in the US.

Top 10 art museums in Europe

USA is not the only country that gives an important roll to the art. European art museums are very recognized for the art insdutry:

  1. Spain – Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  2. France – Louvre
  3. Australia – The Museum of Art History of Vienna
  4. England – British Museum
  5. France – The Musee d’Orsay
  6. Vatican City – The Vatican Museum
  7. Russia – The State Hermitage Museum
  8. Netherlans – Rijksmuseum
  9. Germany – Museum Island
  10. Russia – State Historical Museum



Food, painting and history


Luis Velazquez

When it is about art everything is possible. In the Chicago Art Institute there is an interesting exhibition in which food, painting, history and art are all related. In this gallery there are more than 100 paintings from centuries 18, 19 and 20th.

The idea is, among other things, showing how food has been represented by artist through the years, in addition to all the cultural and historical aspects related to the point of view of each painter at the moment of painting any kind of food.

Source: http://www.artic.edu/art-and-appetite-american-painting-culture-and-cuisine