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Chinese painting in London


Luis Velazquez

The art from China that most of the people know are Ming vases and spectacular porcelain. In London a new exhibition will take place showing pieces from the period 700-1900. Critics said that some of the Song dynasty landscapes are as expressive as any European art before Van Gogh.

The exhibition will be arranged in chronological manner, starting in 700 AC; visitors will have the chance to see works of Buddhism and its iconography that were originally carried in ceremonial processions.

The exhibition will have banners, hoisted on poles with colors that are wonderful. Chinese art turned secular after Buddhist expulsion, so the works have natural objects like flowers and birds.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-reviews/10407393/Masterpieces-of-Chinese-Painting-700-1900-VandA-review.html

Luis Velazquez likes Chinese paintings

Chinese painting

American art in Mayfair, London


Luis Velazquez

Mayfair in central London is mainly a commercial area where you find the most fashion boutiques like Prada, Burberry or Yves St. Laurent and high-powered American art galleries like Gagosian or David Zwirner.  These American art dealers are willing to pay big dollars just to be located in Mayfair.

Lately, real estate developers are very busy trying to find new gallery spaces in the area which shows how the market is moving and how demanded is to be in Mayfair. It is not only to find a space to locate a gallery but to find top artists to sell their works.

Those artists demand dealers with global reach and London can fulfill their requirements with Mayfair as its epicenter. In Mayfair you find Sotheby´s, Christie´s or  Claridges all auction houses which corroborates that Mayfair is where all is happening.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/16/arts/design/mayfair-is-a-mecca-for-art-dealers-and-collectors.html?ref=arts

Luis Velazquez likes to take a walk in Mayfair