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Museums to Visit: Tate, 4 Galleries in England


Tate is a museum in London that is considered one of the most visited in the world. These museums have an impressive collection of British art from 1900 to 2014 and some international collections.

The actual director of the Tate Modern is Chris Dercon and is located in BanksideLondon. If you ever decide to visit London, check these impressive museums with several galleries to visit.

Sir Henry Tate is who inspired the creation of the first of four galleries that compose this museum. That’s right, four galleries to visit with so much history on it that you are not going to leave quick.

The four galleries are:

Tate Britain

Previously known as the National Gallery of British Art, was established in 1987. In 1932, the gallery changed its name to “Tate Gallery” and in 2000 was finally names “Tate Britain”. This one is located in MillbankLondon.

Tate Liverpool

It is the second established in 1988. This one is located in Albert DockLiverpoolEngland and the director Is Francesco Maraconda.

Tate St Ives

It is located in a small Cornish town on the southwest coast. This one was established in 1993 and the illumination characteristics make this museum a must visit place.

Tate Modern

It is the more recent. This one was established in 2000 and is a modern art gallery located in BanksideLondon.

Luis Velázquez Tate Modern

Tate Modern


One of the Most Visited Museums: The Louvre, in France


Louvre Museum is one of the most popular museums in the world. This house full of art is located in the capital city of FranceParis, and has recorded more than 8 million visitors per year since 2007. The New York Daily News declared the most-visited museum in the world. The Louvre was established in 1792.

Some of the important collections located inside this museum are:

  • Mona Lisa made by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Venus de Milo made by Alexandros of Antioch
  • The Lacemaker made by Johannes Vermeer
  • The Rape of the Sabine Romen made by Nicolas Poussin
  • Woman with a Mirror made by Tiziano Vecellio
  • Seashore by Moonlight made by Caspar David Friedrich
Luis Velázquez Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum

Jean-Luc Martinez is the director of this museum. Inside of the Louvre you can find the work of many important artists and enjoy exhibitions and events in and outside the Louvre. To check the dates of exhibitions and events, enter the official website of the museum and plan a great day at the Louvre.

Marie-Laure de Rochebrune is the name of the actual curator of the museum. The opening hours and working days of the Louvre are:

  • Every day, except Thursday
  • From 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Wednesdays and FridaysLouvre Museum is open until 9:45 pm

Dallas Museum Will Have a New Collection


Luis Velazquez

Islamic Art is going to be presented in May, 2014, in the Dallas Museum of Art. This is part of a great loan that this American Museum is receiving and that is renewable no less than in 15 years. What is even more amazing is that this is going to be, according to the Museum’s authorities, the largest Islamic Art Collection ever had in the entire United States.

Maxwell Anderson (who is Dallas Museum Director) said that it is an unparallel collection that gives them the opportunity to create new things like a gallery space to show the work made in a Keir Collection and also the museum will add a digital archive of the collection.

What is a Keir Collection?

Edmund de Unger was the one who assembled the pieces that included textile things, carpets, rock crystal, ceramics, works on paper and metal works.

Dallas Museum of Art will have the chance to show and explained through the artistic things it will have the story of a culture that has begun many centuries ago and that probably it is still unknown for many people. So, probably in May people in the United States will see a different part of the Islamic art and history.


Egypt Museum Is Going to Be Recovered


Luis Velazquez

UNESCO has decided to help with the recovery process of the Egypt Museum in Cairo. The decision was taken after the bombing attack that the museum suffered by the end of this week. Unfortunately, lots of the museum’s artifacts and historic things were damaged, so it will take a long time to recover it.

United Nations will also help with the museum and will give 100,000$, so more things can be recuperate and in order to approach this goal a group of volunteers from the UNESCO already are in the Capital city.

Workers from the museum were taking off all the glasses, steel bars and wood artifacts that were all over the place. All things related to the different periods of time of the Islamic History were in this Cairo Museum of Islamic Art. This museum was built back in 1881 and had historic things like coins, jewelry, manuscripts and more.

About the Museum

Gallery of Arab Antiquities, a collection of more than 100 of objects of very remote years like 1021 A.D. and lots of more things related to history could be found on this museum, but it will be just about time to see how much of the destroyed things can still be recover and shown again.

Egypt Museum

William Morris Gallery’s the Museum of the Year


Museums and galleries – thanks Lord- are a lot around the world. However, it seems that sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary to recognize the best ones and a way to do it is through awards, just like the Oscars or Emmys, etc.

Art Fund Prize is the name of the award that recognizes the labor and goodness of the Museums. This 2013 year the one to get the prize was the William Morris Gallery. This gallery was considered the best of the world due to its renovation made for the reopened of it in 2012.

This gallery shows in a very different way all the revolutionary things that Morris did during his life as a Victorian designer revolutionary and social activist. According to the site, the judges who decide which gallery is going to receive the award said that this William Morris gallery has a high standard of curatorship.

In addition, as Morris believed so hard that art should be for everyone, inside the museum there is a reorganized and well done orangery extension that serves as a beautiful and peaceful café. The house in which the gallery is presented is a huge house, so it means that there are lots of art coming from Morris tan can be seen.

Mexican art in the Unites States


Luis Velazquez

Sometimes people get focused just in the political issues that come every day and forget about all the great things that exist out of those things. Art can be an example.

In the United States, in the Mexican Museum, there is a marvelous collection from the Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada. All his paints (or at least the one from the permanent collection of the Museum) talks about the national items coming from Mexico and are all expressed in a very colorful way.

It would be great if all of us just forget about the “reality” for a while and try to see further and an amazing way to do it is through art. So let’s give art a chance and enjoy paintings like the ones from Mexico that have lots of things to say and express.


Ezra Stoller at the Yossi Milo Gallery


Luis Velazquez

Ezra Stoller was an architect and an architectural photographer. His images revealed every angle and surface of buildings through the smart used of shadows and light.

When there was no Internet he helped people to see new architecture through his pictures. The Yossi Milo Gallery will have the pictures of this artist who used to say that “the art is the architecture”. The gallery is located at 245 Tenth Avenue in New York.

He showed architecture using pictures, giving buildings sense and importance, placing people interacting with buildings; after all we live inside of them. Stoller´s pictures are current and beautiful.


Luiz Velazquez likes to take pictures

Taken Pictures with a professional camera