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Museum’s Social Opportunities


Museums all over the world and all kinds of museums no matter the topic it works have the opportunity of giving people some different ways to learn, it means that museums actually have a social compromise and they all should be conscious of it.

Poverty is one of the most relevant issues in which museums can help. According to the Museum Association (MA), museums in general can play such an important role in the eternal sight against this sad situation. One of the ways, according to the MA, is creating a responsibility through engagement with the disadvantaged people.

Museums Association expressed in a statement that: “Museums can serve as agents of inclusion, giving people a sense of belonging to communities and to wider society and therefore less marginalized – all factors that can help people to take steps out of poverty.”

Museum of Modern Art (in the United States), Louvre Museum (in Paris), Prado’s Museum (Madrid), the British Museum (England), the Cairo’s Museum (El Cairo) and a big etcetera of museums should know about this idea of helping others with all the knowledge it might be in there. It seems to be really important that all those museums all over the world could help in the way the Museums Association is saying to.


William Morris Gallery’s the Museum of the Year


Museums and galleries – thanks Lord- are a lot around the world. However, it seems that sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary to recognize the best ones and a way to do it is through awards, just like the Oscars or Emmys, etc.

Art Fund Prize is the name of the award that recognizes the labor and goodness of the Museums. This 2013 year the one to get the prize was the William Morris Gallery. This gallery was considered the best of the world due to its renovation made for the reopened of it in 2012.

This gallery shows in a very different way all the revolutionary things that Morris did during his life as a Victorian designer revolutionary and social activist. According to the site, the judges who decide which gallery is going to receive the award said that this William Morris gallery has a high standard of curatorship.

In addition, as Morris believed so hard that art should be for everyone, inside the museum there is a reorganized and well done orangery extension that serves as a beautiful and peaceful café. The house in which the gallery is presented is a huge house, so it means that there are lots of art coming from Morris tan can be seen.

The mystery of the ordinary in the MoMA Museum


Luis Velazquez

When it is about art it seems that artists will never die. This time, René Magritte – one of the most important painters of the 20th century- will be in an exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

This is a selection of photos and commercial work from the artist. The MoMA Museum is known because of the greatness of its exhibitions so this seems to be a big one too. The gallery will be open for the public since January 12, 2014.


Frida Kahlo is in the United States


Luis Velazquez

The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo was such an important painter not only in her country, but in the whole world due to her fantastic work made through her different paints that express lots of her life.

In the Naval Training Center at Liberty Station, San Diego, there is an exhibition of more than 123 replicas of the real paints made by Kahlo. The idea is having the replicas just as she could make it during her life.


Isa Genzken at MOMA


Luis Velazquez

Isa Genzken is a contemporary artist who born in 1948 in Germany; some of her sculptures are totemic made with colorful panels and lacquered paintings using different types of materials resulting in unexpected but beautiful ways.

She is not only focus in sculpture; she uses photography, film video and works on paper and canvas, collages and books. Genzken won the International Art Prize in 2004 and Wolfgang – Hahn-Prize in 2002. Her works are part of collections of many important institutions such as MOMA in New York, Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburg and the Museum Ludwig in Cologne.

This year at the end of November, an exhibition will take place at the MOMA called “Isa Genzken: Retrospective” where the work of this excellent artist in the last ten years will be shown.


Luis Velazquez likes Isa Genzken work Rose

Isa_Genzken Rose (1993), in front of Leipziger Messe,Leipzig, Germany.