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Rouen Museum of Fine Arts: A Place to Appreciate the XV Century and More


France is one of the countries with most beautiful places to visit were you can appreciate art.

Rouen Museum of Fine Arts

Rouen Museum of Fine Arts

One of those places is the Rouen Museum of Fine Arts, located in the city of Rouen, northern of France. The building is a beautiful structure that was built between 1880 and 1888 and was founded in 1801 by Napoleon I. The architect that built this breath taking museum is Louis Sauvageot. In it, you can find invaluable pieces of art from the XV century until now.

RubensDiego VelazquezDelacroix and Corot are some of the painters that have their work in collected in this museumExpositions are almost always schedule so if you visit France, add this museum in your “to do” list and spend a day appreciating art from the important artists that made history with their work.

Esplanade Marcel-Duchamp Entrée handicapés 26, rue Lecanuet 76000 Rouen is where this museum is located. The entry fee is 5 € and the museum is open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

In June, several expositions are already scheduled but to check more expositions, enter the official website of the museum:

  1. Exposition Cathedrales 1789 – 1914: un mythe modern (June, 5; June, 6)
  2. Les XXE et XXIE siecles: art moderne et art contemporain (Jun, 7)

Weirdest Museums Around The World


Museums are usually exhibiting great art of some worldwide recognized artist getting thousands of visitors by year. Some artists decided to build a new museum concept around the world with the idea of showing a different point of view of arts, creating the 10 weirdest museums around the world:

  1. Currywurst Museum, Berlin
  2. Parasite Museum, Tokyo
  3. Museum of Funeral Carriages, Barcelona
  4. Dog Collar Museum, Leeds Castle, Kent
  5. Phallus Museum, Iceland
  6. Paris Sewers Museum, Paris
  7. The Museum of Bad Art, Boston
  8. Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall
  9. Museum of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, Rome
  10. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Strange Places for Art Galleries

Art Galleries are usually located in greatest location or important museums. Artist like the Photographer Andreas Frank or Sam Pulitzer and Mathieu Malouf try to take art to unexpected places to make the experience enjoin the art in 10 strange places for Art Galleries:

  1. Nashville’s Smallest Art Gallery (NSAG)
  2. William Gallery, New York
  3. Art on Track, Chicago
  4. The Boston Museums of Fine Art
  5. Redemption Gallery, Michigan
  6. Shoebox L.A.
  7. The Homeless Museum of Art, New York
  8. Bosnian Nuclear Bunker, Yugoslavia
  9. The Underbelly, Paris
  10. The Vandenberg: Life Below the Surface, Florida
Currywurst Museum, Berlin

Currywurst Museum


Top 10 Art Galleries in Europe


New York is probably one of the cities with more Art Galleries and Art Museums in the US. Recognized museums in this city are part of a set of places where art lovers enjoy of big exhibitions from the world greatests artists. Metropolitan Museum of Art is well known a an art place with collection features Greek, Roman, African, ancient Egyptian and Byzantine galleries, as well as modern American art, and paintings and sculptures of the European masters.

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Your City, USA

Washington DC is reference city in the US with approximately more that 20 art galleries and museums in the DC Area. National Gallery of Art, established in 1937 in National Mall, have an important collection of the primary art representations like Paul Mellon, Ailsa Mellon Bruce or Lessing J. Rosenwald. Paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, medals, are part of the main collection of this Art Museum.

Los Angeles (California), Chicago (Illinois) and Boston (Massachusetts) can be named in the list of the most important Art Museums in the US.

Top 10 art museums in Europe

USA is not the only country that gives an important roll to the art. European art museums are very recognized for the art insdutry:

  1. Spain – Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  2. France – Louvre
  3. Australia – The Museum of Art History of Vienna
  4. England – British Museum
  5. France – The Musee d’Orsay
  6. Vatican City – The Vatican Museum
  7. Russia – The State Hermitage Museum
  8. Netherlans – Rijksmuseum
  9. Germany – Museum Island
  10. Russia – State Historical Museum