Brussels’ Best Museums

Royal Palace, Brussels

Royal Palace, Brussels

Art, Comic, Music and Royalty are some of the topics exhibit in the museums of the city of Brussels, the capital and largest city of theEuropean country, Belgium.

Museums are one of the main attractions of this European city recognized as a principal center for international politics, hosting the European Union Institutions. For this reason, Brussels host many important and historical places.

History of Belgium and the world is been exhibited in many museums around the city with a diversity of topics. The best 5 museums in Brussels are:


  1. The Center for Fine Arts

    The Center for Fine Arts

    The Center for Fine Arts

  2. Belgian Comic Strip Center

    Belgian Comic Strip Center

    Belgian Comic Strip Center

  3. The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken
  4. Museum of Music
  5. Magritte Museum

Things to do in Brussels

Belgium capital, Brussels, offers many options for residents and worldwide tourist to enjoy.  Amazing monumentsmuseums and wonderful architecture and beautiful parks make Brussels a great and diverse city.

The Royal Palace is one of the main attractions  the Belgian city offers to the public with different cultural exhibition each year.Walking around the city observing the outstanding architecture of the prime buildings, visit the amazing churches or enjoy of the beautiful and quality parks available around the city, are some of the things that anyone can do for free in Brussels.

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