Top Museums in Shanghai


China has call the attention of the rest of the world through many years for the strong and characteristically culture traditional. The History of China, traditional food, unique architecture and many more features are exhibited in the 72 museums of Shanghai, the largest Chinese city. Between all the Shanghai Museums, 7 stand up as the best.

Shanghai Museum, China

Shanghai Museum, China

  1. Shanghai Museum: large museum of ancient Chinese artifacts.
  2. Shanghai Art Palace: the exhibitions are mainly about Chinese modern art.
  3. Natural History Museum: China’s largest museums of natural sciences.
  4. History Museum of Shanghai: included more than 1.300 historical relics about historical developments of the city.
  5. Shanghai Science and Technology Museum: designer to enjoy with the family this museum is loved for kids.
  6. Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center: it’s a privately owned museum hosted in a basement in an apartment block with more than 5.000 posters.
  7. Urban Planning Exhibition Center of Shanghai: shows the urbanism of the city of the 30’s and the future decades through photos, maps and 3D virtual tours.

Shanghai Main Attractions

Museums are one of the main attractions of Shanghai. However, this city has a variety of things to offer to entertain his visitors. Walk on the Fuxing Park, eat the famous dumpling soup (xiaolong bao) in Din Tai Fung or shop antiques at Xizang Road, are included in the top 10 things to do in Shanghai.

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