UK Top 20 Museums


Museums are the most visited attraction by tourist and residents. In the United Kingdom a variety of exhibitions and amazing collected treasures are available for be appreciated by the public call the attention of those interesting of enjoy the history of the world through the art, sculptures, photography, old documents and some other object showed in this institutions.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

London, as the capital of the United Kingdom, offers in its major museums a great among of different options and hundreds of exhibitions for the public interested. Some of those London Museums are listed, as well, in the top 20 museums of the UK:

  • National Football Museum, Manchester
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow
  • National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • Monkwearmouth Station Museum, Sunderland
  • V&A Museum of Childhood, London
  • Big Pit National Coal Museum, Torfaen
  • St Fagans National History Museum, Cardiff
  • Coventry Transport Museum
  • Royal Armouries, Leeds
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield
  • World Museum Liverpool
  • Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford
  • Nottingham Contemporary
  • North Lincolnshire Museum, Scunthorpe
  • Mansfield Museum, Nottinghamshire
  • Haslemere Educational Museum, Surrey
  • Falmouth Art Gallery, Cornwall
  • Weston Park Museum, Sheffield
  • The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry
  • Blaise Castle House Museum, Bristol

Best Exhibitions on British Museum

British museums host around 8 million objects in its collection that tells the history of the humanity from the earliest beginnings registered.Egyptian priestsParthenon on the Acropolis in Greece, collection of mummies, are some of the greatest treasures exhibited in the British museums.

  1. The Rosetta Stone
  2. The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial Helmet
  3. The Lewis Chessmen
  4. The Elgin Marbles
  5. Colossal Granite Head of Amenhotep III
  6. Hoa Hakananai’a – The Easter Island Statue
  7. Aztec Double-Headed Serpent
  8. The Vindolanda Tablets
  9. The Cat Mummies
  10. The Portland Vase

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