Rome, City of History



Rome is recognized as a very cultural city. Since the antique civilization, the history and the modernity it has converged in the art representation, converting the city in an icon of arts and culture visited by thousands people every year. The museums are a mandatory stop for tourist interesting to observe and learn about the world history exhibited in the best museums and galleries of Rome.

Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum

  1. Maxxi (National Museum of Art from the 21st Century)
  2. Macro: Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
  3. Palazzo Altemps
  4. CineCittà Studios
  5. Auditorium Parco della Musica
  6. Santa Maria in Trastevere
  7. Museo Nazionale dell’Alto Medioevo
  8. Sant’Ignazio
  9. Ostia Antica
  10. Galleria Lorcan O’Neill


Museum of The Vatican

Catholic Church is an important part of the world history, collecting through time many historical pieces exhibited for the believers and the general tourist in the Vatican Museums, one of the most important museums of Rome. The amazing art of famous artist like Laocoön, Pinturicchio, Raphael, Michelangelo are showing in this majestic building beside of centuries of popes’ treasures.

Vatican City receives every year thousands and thousands of believers that visit the capital of Italy, Rome, to connect and be closer to their faith. This year an important event will gather millions of pilgrims in honor to the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII the second Sunday of Easter, April 27.


Museums in Latin America


Latin America is know as a young continent with a variety of cultures related with pre-columbian civilizations that have aroused the interest of many people to know, through the paintings, sculptures, photography, about the evolved of this cultures showing in amazing museums built to exhibit to the world part of the history of the countries that are part of this continent.



Frida Kahlo and Antonio Bern paintings, Pre-Inca art to modern sculptures are some of the art shown it in the Latin America Museums.

  1. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  2. MALBA-Colección Costantini (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  3. Museu de Arte Sacra (Salvador, El Salvador)
  4. Pinacoteca do Estado (Sao Pablo, Brazil)
  5. Museo Arqueológico Padre Le Paige (San Pedro de Atacama, Chile)
  6. Museo del Oro (Bogotá, Colombia)
  7. Fundación Guayasamín (Quito, Ecuador)
  8. Museo de la Nación (Lima, Perú)
  9. Monasterio de Santa Catalina (Arequipa, Perú)
  10. Museo Santuarios Andinos (Arquipa Perú)
  11. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Caracas, Venezuela)
Museo del Oro, Bogotá - Colombia

Museo del Oro, Bogotá – Colombia


Museum of Latin American Art

MOLLA, founded in 1996 is the only museum in the United States. Located in Long Beach, Los Angeles – California this museum is dedicated to exhibit the Latin American modern and contemporary art.

Carlos Cruz Diez, Los Carpinteros, Tunga, Tamayo and Matta are some of the artist that his art pieces are exhibiting in the Museum of Latin American Art.


Google Play’S New App for Android Users of Washington DC Museums


Museums are educational opportunities for cities’ residents and visitors to know American history and achievement trough greatest exhibition. Washington DC most famous museums are near or along the National Mall that runs between the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol.

Smithsonian Institution consisting of 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park, and nine research facilities. Founded in 1846, is the world’s largest museum and research complex.

Top 5 Best 5 Washington DC Museums

Washington DC, capital of the US, has approximately 75 museums in DC Area expose the history of American and the world. From Science to Art, through Dinosaurs and the space, thousands of visitors from all over the world stops on this places to learn or just curiosity.

  1. National Museum of Natural History Museum (Smithsonian)
  2. National Air and Space Museum (Smithsonian)
  3. U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
  4. Newseum
  5. Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens


Android had come with an app “Museums In Washington DC” to help guide the museums visitors. Can choose the museum to visit by category or from a map, can directly email & phone museum, access to the museum community and check hours of operation and cost.Google Pay app include as well, a special link for all Smithsonian Museums.


Top 10 Art Galleries in Europe


New York is probably one of the cities with more Art Galleries and Art Museums in the US. Recognized museums in this city are part of a set of places where art lovers enjoy of big exhibitions from the world greatests artists. Metropolitan Museum of Art is well known a an art place with collection features Greek, Roman, African, ancient Egyptian and Byzantine galleries, as well as modern American art, and paintings and sculptures of the European masters.

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Your City, USA

Washington DC is reference city in the US with approximately more that 20 art galleries and museums in the DC Area. National Gallery of Art, established in 1937 in National Mall, have an important collection of the primary art representations like Paul Mellon, Ailsa Mellon Bruce or Lessing J. Rosenwald. Paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, medals, are part of the main collection of this Art Museum.

Los Angeles (California), Chicago (Illinois) and Boston (Massachusetts) can be named in the list of the most important Art Museums in the US.

Top 10 art museums in Europe

USA is not the only country that gives an important roll to the art. European art museums are very recognized for the art insdutry:

  1. Spain - Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  2. France - Louvre
  3. Australia - The Museum of Art History of Vienna
  4. England - British Museum
  5. France – The Musee d’Orsay
  6. Vatican City - The Vatican Museum
  7. Russia - The State Hermitage Museum
  8. Netherlans - Rijksmuseum
  9. Germany - Museum Island
  10. Russia – State Historical Museum


Museums: A Mandatory Stop to Visit The World


Tourist schedules always include visiting museums. Some people believe that if someone goes to visit a city any where on the world and really want it to get to know it, is mandatory to go visit at least the more recognized museums.

México, with over 150 museums, and Paris are the cities with more museums of the world. Cities like London have six of the top 20 museums more visitedWashington DC and Paris are the next most cultural cities because there is where the number of world-renowned museums are. Also, London and Paris are the cities with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites highest numberwith 4 each one.



Louvre in Paris


National Museum of Natural History

  • The Cairo (Egypt),
  • New You (USA),
  • Berlin (Germany) and
  • Rome (Italy) among other cities, have as well a big number of greatest museums on the world.


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museums are a typical stop in every trip. If you are traveling around the world, you should not miss the Top 14 Best Museums in the world:

  • Louvre in ParisFrance
  • Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egipt
  • Vatican City in Rome, Italy
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Your City, USA
  • British Museum in London, England
  • Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy
  • Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, USA
  • Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain
  • National Palace Museum in Taipei, China
  • National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, Mexico
  • Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain
  • Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherland
  • Tokyo National Museum, Japan

Dallas Museum Will Have a New Collection


Luis Velazquez

Islamic Art is going to be presented in May, 2014, in the Dallas Museum of Art. This is part of a great loan that this American Museum is receiving and that is renewable no less than in 15 years. What is even more amazing is that this is going to be, according to the Museum’s authorities, the largest Islamic Art Collection ever had in the entire United States.

Maxwell Anderson (who is Dallas Museum Director) said that it is an unparallel collection that gives them the opportunity to create new things like a gallery space to show the work made in a Keir Collection and also the museum will add a digital archive of the collection.

What is a Keir Collection?

Edmund de Unger was the one who assembled the pieces that included textile things, carpets, rock crystal, ceramics, works on paper and metal works.

Dallas Museum of Art will have the chance to show and explained through the artistic things it will have the story of a culture that has begun many centuries ago and that probably it is still unknown for many people. So, probably in May people in the United States will see a different part of the Islamic art and history.


Egypt Museum Is Going to Be Recovered


Luis Velazquez

UNESCO has decided to help with the recovery process of the Egypt Museum in Cairo. The decision was taken after the bombing attack that the museum suffered by the end of this week. Unfortunately, lots of the museum’s artifacts and historic things were damaged, so it will take a long time to recover it.

United Nations will also help with the museum and will give 100,000$, so more things can be recuperate and in order to approach this goal a group of volunteers from the UNESCO already are in the Capital city.

Workers from the museum were taking off all the glasses, steel bars and wood artifacts that were all over the place. All things related to the different periods of time of the Islamic History were in this Cairo Museum of Islamic Art. This museum was built back in 1881 and had historic things like coins, jewelry, manuscripts and more.

About the Museum

Gallery of Arab Antiquities, a collection of more than 100 of objects of very remote years like 1021 A.D. and lots of more things related to history could be found on this museum, but it will be just about time to see how much of the destroyed things can still be recover and shown again.

Egypt Museum